Deep Cleaning

Deep Clean Your Home and Make it Feel like New Again

Deep cleaning is when you clean everything from top to bottom in your home. This includes washing all surfaces, vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, dusting furniture, and scrubbing walls. Our work will transform your home into a sparkling oasis of freshness! We’ll leave no stone unturned as we work our way through the house with an eye toward making it sparkle and feel like it’s new again, This process will prepare your home for maintenance cleaning.

All Rooms

We clean your entire home. You can trust us to get every nook and cranny spotless. 

  • We remove dirt, dust, mold spores, pollen, and other allergens from your home.
  • Eliminate odors from your home by killing off bacteria, viruses, and germs.
  • Improve air quality and freshen up your home.
  • Create a warm welcoming atmosphere throughout your home.

Deep cleaning your bathroom will help you keep it looking fresh for longer. It also helps prevent mold growth and mildew on surfaces which will ruin your tile.

  • Deep cleanse your bathroom thoroughly.
  • Remove soap scum, dirt, and other debris from tubs, sinks, toilets, mirrors, tiles, walls, and floors.
  • Deep Clean your bathtub, sink, toilet, mirror, tile, wall, floor, and cabinets. 
  • Floors are washed, scrubbed, and or vacuumed.
Dining Room

Remove food particles and dirt from surfaces, including your furniture and floor. Food particles attract unwanted pests like mice. A Deep Clean will allow your family to come together and enjoy food and each other’s company.

  • The dining chairs, table, and other furniture are thoroughly clean and disinfected.
  • Furniture and decorations are removed to allow for cleaning behind and under them.
  • Windows and all other surfaces including carpets are cleaned removing any food and lingering odors that attract unwanted pest.
  • Floors are vacuumed and washed to remove all crumbs and dirt.

Deep clean your bedroom and get rid of dust mites, mold spores, and mildew.  This prevents allergies and asthma. When you have a clean bedroom, you can sleep better at night knowing that you are not breathing in allergens or irritants.

  • Vacuum and wash floors under your bed and behind your headboard.
  • Wash and disinfect all surfaces including fans furniture and windows.
  • Remove and clean behind and under all furniture and decorations.

Deep cleaning removes dirt, grime and grease from your kitchen surfaces including countertops, cabinets, appliances, and floors. It also helps to get rid of germs and bacteria that may be lurking on those surfaces.

  • Thoroughly clean all appliances removing built-up food and grease.
  • Vacuum and deep clean behind every appliance. (Heavy items, like refrigerators and ovens will need to be pulled out for us prior to the appointment)
  • Deep clean cabinets and remove gunk and fingerprints.
  • Sanitized and deep clean clean sink and all counter tops..
  • All Floors are washed and grease is removed from walls and other surfaces.

Deep Cleaning vs. Maintenance Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a targeted process, usually done one area at a time. With deep cleaning, you get our most thorough cleaning methods which provide a baseline that can be maintained. Deep cleaning is a lengthy process that should be done once or twice a year. Once we deep clean your house and make it new, you can use our Maintenance Cleaning to keep it that way. 

Maintenance Cleaning

Maintenance Cleaning is a more generalized process designed to maintain all areas clean after the deep cleaning process is done. Usually done in set intervals of weekly, biweekly, or monthly depending on your needs, Maintenance Cleaning is faster and prevents clutter and dirt to build up through your hose. 

Deep Cleaning Locations

Local Cleaning Company Serving Local Customers

Located in Amesbury, MA, Accurate Cleaning has been serving the Northeast part of Massachusetts for years. We travel to all corners of the state of Massachusetts, reaching into southern New Hampshire. Here’s a list of awesome cities we frequently service.

Amesbury, MA is the city where our business began its journey. Located in Essex County in Massachusetts, Amesbury is the hub for the company and serves as headquarters for our company. Our town is one of the oldest cities in the country, a large part of the buildings date from before World War II. Our buildings are delicate and deserve good care, we do our part by keeping them clean and protected.

Newburyport’s workforce is interesting, with more artists, and people working in media wages than 92% of the nation’s average. This fun population gives Newburyport its character. That’s why we help them focus on art while we focus on cleaning. 

West Newbury is a smaller town located on the right bank of the Merrimack River. Despite being a small town, West Newbury has the largest homes in the area ( 2,900 Sqft on average). But here at Accurate Cleaning we have the best staff and are not afraid of any jobs, no matter how big or small.

Newburyport has a relatively large portion of its population working from home, about a 13.98%, more than most cities in the country. When you work from home, you should always make sure that your home is clean, because if your house looks dirty, your mood and quality of work will decrease. We know you are busy, so we are here to help.

Known for its beaches, wildlife, and swimming areas, Plum Island can be a very active area. With all the outdoor activities that are available to the people of Plum Island combined with all the debris and sand is not uncommon for homes to get dirty quickly. The town also has a vacancy rate of 16.7% which is higher than 78.9% of the national average.  They can sure use our move-in and move-out services. 

Georgetown is just minutes south of our headquarters via Interstate 95. A smaller more rural town located on a coastal area that needs constant maintanance cleaning.

Located On the eastern coast Rowley is similar to Plum Island. Both towns are exposed to many natural elements that can do a lot of damage if not cleaned properly. Rowley is surrounded by creeks, trails, rivers, and the Willowdale State Forest

Renowned for its stunning beaches and coastal charm, Salisbury boasts a vibrant community that embraces outdoor activities. The combination of bustling recreational options and the presence of sand and debris often calls for frequent home cleaning. Interestingly, Salisbury shares a coastal affinity with neighboring Plum Island, experiencing similar environmental effects that necessitate careful maintenance. . 

Nestled along the picturesque New Hampshire coastline, Hampton is celebrated for its beautiful beaches and vibrant seaside atmosphere. This active community thrives on outdoor adventures and coastal living, inviting a myriad of sandy footprints and debris into homes. The captivating surroundings of Hampton mirror those of Plum Island, fostering a shared appreciation for beachside living.

In the heart of New Hampshire’s natural beauty, Hampton Falls exudes a charming rural character surrounded by lush landscapes and serene settings. This tranquil town, reminiscent of Georgetown, places a premium on maintaining its pristine allure. With its picturesque countryside and proximity to coastal regions, Hampton Falls experiences a unique blend of environmental factors that require specialized cleaning care.

Located along the scenic New Hampshire coastline, North Hampton seamlessly combines coastal allure with suburban charm. Its proximity to the ocean, akin to Rowley’s coastal location, exposes the town to diverse natural elements that require meticulous care. Boasting pristine beaches, meandering creeks, and inviting nature trails, North Hampton’s magnetic appeal also underscores the necessity for thorough cleaning services.

Distinguished for its scenic landscapes, tranquil ambience, and inviting community, South Hampton radiates a serene charm. Embracing a slower pace of life and nestled amidst picturesque natural surroundings, South Hampton offers a peaceful respite. The fusion of rural tranquility and natural elements, similar to those experienced in Plum Island, underlines the importance of meticulous cleaning.

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