Maintenance Cleaning

(A weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule.) Depending on which you choose the following will be cleaned
every visit or in a rotating manner:

Maintenance cleaning is a general cleaning of your home and all its rooms that is activity carried out on a routine schedule. A good maintenance clean schedule should allow your house to remain clean by diminishing all chances of dirt and bacteria. We will clean all rooms and perform cleaning services such as dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and will wipe down all surfaces, ensuring your home is always clean. 

All Rooms

All rooms in your home qualify for our maintenance cleaning. Rooms that qualify include the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and bedrooms. 

  • We dust from top to bottom!
  • From the light fixtures, windows and door frames. 
  • Tabletops and chairs are all wiped down.
  • The floors and rugs are vacuumed and mopped.
  • Any small waste baskets are emptied.
  • Window sills are wiped down.

Keeping your kitchen clean is extremely important. Things such as grease and food crumbs and debris can build up faster than expected. Keep the area that all your meals are prepared in as sanitary as possible. 

  • Outside of cabinets are cleaned of built up gunk and fingerprints.
  • Inside and outside of the microwave are wiped and cleaned of all grime and built up food.
  • The stove top and clean the outside areas of the oven, refrigerator and dishwasher.
  • Sink will be sanitized and cleaned.
  • All counter tops are wiped down.
  • Floor is  mopped and vacuumed of dust and debris.
Dining Room

The dining room is where the family and guests all come together. Keep this area spotless and sanitary, allowing everyone to come together and enjoy meals and each other’s company in a clean spot. 

  • Table is wiped down and sanitized, ready to go for the next meal.
  • Centerpieces and table decorations are removed and neatly placed back in their designated spots. 
  • Dining chairs are wiped and sanitized removing any excess surface build up.
  • Floors are swept, mopped, or vacuumed to remove all crumbs. 
  • All furniture is dusted to ensure a clean eating area

There is no hiding the fact that a bathroom can require regular cleaning. We make sure the place you clean yourself up in everyday is a clean place to begin with. A clean bathroom leads to a clean you. 

  • Toilets are disinfected inside and out. 
  • Showers and bathtubs are wiped down, scrubbed and cleaned. 
  • Sink and vanity area are all cleared of grime and toothpaste.
  • Mirrors and fixtures are all shined up.
  • Floors are vacuumed and mopped.
  • Any small wastebaskets are emptied.

Go to bed and sleep peacefully knowing your bed and entire bedroom have been cleaned and maintained. A clean bedroom can lead to more a more relaxing environment helping you get the rest you need. 

  • Beds are neatly made
  • Room is picked up of any items laying around.
  • Any cleared surfaces are wiped and dusted. If bureau or surface is covered, we will dust accordingly around the items.
  • Finish with vacuuming and mopping if needed.

Cleaning Scheduling

Customized Scheduling to Work Best for Your Needs


Weekly cleaning is the best option for those who have a very busy house. Sometimes clutter and messiness can build up faster than you can keep up with. This option will allow you to always have your home looking the best it can with weekly scheduled cleanings. Cleanings are typically on the same day every week. 

Bi-weekly cleaning options are the perfect middle ground for those who like regular maintenance but do not have enough reason to get a weekly plan. Perfect for less busy households that still have a fair amount of daily use. Two week periods seems like the perfect balance for many of our clients. Cleanings are typically on the same day every other week.


Monthly cleaning is ideal for those who feel they can handle most of their tidying needs on their own. Sometimes a little assistance is needed. That is where we come into play. Accurate Cleaning can come in once a month and help put the finishing touches on your home. Cleaning days vary from month to month for this choice.

Maintenance Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

Maintenance Cleaning

Maintenance cleaning is generalized routine cleaning that revolves around repeated techniques and a strict time interval. Maintenance cleaning includes all rooms of the house, allowing the entire house to have a clean and refreshed feel. By continuously cleaning the same areas in the same fashion, over a regular time interval, you can prevent the dirt build-up you can see in your home. Process and routine time increments are key.  

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is much more in depth than a maintenance clean. A deep clean is highly recommended to at the start of a cleaning service and then utilizing the maintenance cleaning to maintain it. Unlike a maintenance clean, a deep clean is not a general clean of all rooms to maintain a constant state of cleanliness. Typically deep cleans are done per request and for the entire home, unless otherwise requested, while maintenance is scheduled and covers all rooms of the house. 

Maintenance Cleaning Locations

Local Business Serving Local Customers

Located in Amesbury, MA, Accurate Cleaning has been providing service to the northeastern part of Massachusetts for years. We travel to all parts of the state of Massachusetts and reach into southern New Hampshire. Check out this list of awesome cities we often service (we are not limited to these cities). 

Amesbury, MA was the first place we started our business. Located in Essex County in Massachusetts, Amesbury is the headquarters for our business. It serves as the headquarters for our business operations. Our city is one of the oldest in the country and has a lot of beautiful old buildings. We take good care of them by cleaning them regularly and protecting them from damage.

West Newbury, MA

West Newbury is one of the towns located on the right bank (east) of the Merrimack River. Despite being a small community, West Newbury has some of the largest homes in the region (on average, 2,900 square feet). We’re not afraid of any job, no matter how big, and our staff is the best.

Newburyport has a high percentage of artists and people who work in media wages compared to the national average. The people who live here give Newburyport its unique character. That’s one reason we help them focus on their art while we focus on maintaining their home clean.

Georgetown, MA

Georgetown is just minutes away from our headquarters via Interstate 95. A small town located in a coastal region that requires constant maintenance.

Newbury, MA

Newburyport has one of the highest percentages of people who work from home in the United States, at about 13.98%. If you work from home, make sure that your home always looks clean. Otherwise, your mood and productivity will decrease. We’re here to help you get things done.

Plum Island, MA

Plum Island has beautiful beaches, wildlife, and plenty of swimming areas. It’s not unusual for homes to get dirty fast when there are so many outdoor activities available to the people of Plumb Island. The town also has an unemployment rate of 16.7%, which is higher than 78% of the national average (which is 10.8%). They could certainly use our move-in/move out cleaning service

Rowley, MA

Rowley is similar in some ways to Plum Island, both being located near the ocean and having many natural elements that can cause harm if not cleaned properly on an ongoing basis. Rowley is located close to creeks, trails, and Rivers.

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