Terms & Conditions 2024

By Agreeing to services, client acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions of service as stated in this agreement

By accepting a professional cleaning service appointment and agreeing to a service provided by Accurate Cleaning the client agrees to accept Accurate Cleaning’s general terms and conditions listed below.

These terms and conditions, together with our letter of confirmation and our cleaning schedule, constitute the entire agreement between the parties and no other representation or statements, whether oral or written, shall be binding upon the parties. If any part of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

If you are unsure about any point within these terms and conditions, please contact us for clarification. Your statutory rights are not affected. In event that the terms and conditions change we will notify you in writing.

Coronavirus: We are doing our best to adhere to CDC guidelines. We do this by adhering to minimum PPE requirements ie: the use of masks, social distancing, increased hand washing and gloves. Each client will be provided their own sponge, to be kept in an easily accessible place for the cleaners at the clients house. A clean swiffer and clean rags will be brought into each clients home to prevent cross contamination.

***If you or anyone in your household has or had Covid-19, PLEASE let us know before your scheduled appointment so we can prepare and add extra precautions as necessary.***

  • Plans are based on the average time to clean. If the home is not found in an “average” condition and it takes more than 1 extra hour to clean, Accurate Cleaning reserves the right to bill for the extra time spent. Our purpose is to ensure you have a clean home. Therefore, payment is for the service provided and not based on the amount of time your cleaning team spends at your home.

We want our team to focus on ensuring your home is clean and not how many hours they work. Some homes cleaners may take longer than average time; some may take less time than average. Either way, your home will sparkle.

  1. Preparing for your cleaning:
  1. Maintenance CleansPlease leave the cleaning to us! We just ask that the floors are accessible to be vacuumed and mopped and the sink is clear of dishes. This way we can focus our time on CLEANING the home, instead of straightening up prior too. We understand things happen and on occasion you may not have time to put all the baby toys away for example-ITS OK! If it is a regular occurrence, however, we will be more than happy to take care of it for you, but an additional fee will be applied.
  • Deep Cleans- Although we don’t require them, Deep Cleans can be really beneficial, for both the homeowner and the service provider, at the start of services.
  • In order to provide the most detailed cleaning experience, items such as bidets, vent covers (bathrooms specifically), etc. can be cleaned, but will need to be removed prior to the arrival of your Professional Cleaning Technician.
  • To prevent injury we do not move heavy furniture such as ovens or refrigerators. We will gladly clean behind/underneath them as long as they are pulled out prior to our arrival.
  • Non-Solicitation: All employees of Accurate Cleaning sign a non solicitation agreement upon hiring, They are prohibited from soliciting business from any client on his/her own behalf or on behalf of any third party during their contract with Accurate Cleaning. or for 2 years following termination of contract, without written approval from Accurate Cleaning and a possible placement fee of $2,500.00. You agree not to hire past or present staff of Accurate Cleaning for a period of not less than 2 years from the date the staff member last worked for Accurate Cleaning. A great deal of time and resources are put into hiring our staff and training them. In the event you feel you must hire a staff member of Accurate Cleaning. in spite of this agreement, then a $2,500.00 placement fee is due immediately upon employment of the past/ present staff member, regardless of whether the employment is regular or on a contract basis.
  • Rescheduling: We understand life happens and there may be times when you need to reschedule your scheduled cleaning. However, we still have a business to run and employees to take care of who are expecting those scheduled hours. If you must reschedule your cleaning, please provide at least 48 hours notice so we can fill your slot. Anything short of 48 hours and a $100 cancellation fee will be applied for the inconvenience.We value the staff we have and do our best to keep them working. If rescheduling becomes constant, you will be taken off of our schedule.

Monthly Clients: If, for one reason or another, you need to skip a month of service, the next scheduled cleaning will be billed at the Initial Cleaning rate.

  • Access and Lock outs: It is YOUR PREFERENCE how the cleaning technicians access your home. Whether you would like to have a key made, give us a code, or leave a key out for the staff on the day of your scheduled cleaning. Please know that your personal information is safe, the only ones that have access to this information are Ashley (the owner) and Cassie (Team Leader). When you

go to book your initial cleaning please specify how the staff will be able to access your home. If you choose to leave out a key for the staff, or leave the home unlocked, and the staff cannot access your home at the time of your scheduled appointment because it is locked or no key was left, a $50 lockout fee will be applied for the inconvenience.

  • Work Hours: Normal business hours are 8:30-6 Monday through Friday, and Saturday 9-4. If we are available outside these hours we will gladly accommodate an early start or late end time if needed. We do work on a schedule and ensure biweekly clients are at the same day and time for each cleaning. As for monthly cleanings, we do our best to accommodate your preferences. Monthly cleanings are scheduled 4 weeks apart. PLEASE NOTE WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THE SAME DAY/TIME FOR MONTHLY CLEANINGS. You are welcome to call the business between 7 am and 9 pm at the number listed above, if it is outside those hours, please use e-mail or text.
  • Sick Policy: If you or your children are sick with a contagious illness (cold, flu, pneumonia, lice, etc.) please reschedule your cleaning. Even though Accurate Cleaning disinfects your home, it is possible that germs may be transported to another home or those cleaning your home may get sick. To be fair to all of our clients and staff, please wait until you are well again. Accurate Cleaning will return the same courtesy.
  • Linens: We offer ONE complimentary change of sheets to a bed of your choice during the cleaning. If you have additional beds you would like to have changed a $20 fee for each additional bed will be applied. Please leave the clean sheets out by the bed to be changed.
  • Supplies: Accurate Cleaning uses the highest quality Eco-Friendly supplies and equipment. We use Miele vacuums with HEPA filtration systems to ensure your cleaning is performed at the highest standards. We will provide all cleaning supplies unless there is a specific product you prefer(ie: some clients prefer certain products on their wood floors). In that case we just ask that you provide that specific product and ensure that it is easily accessible for the cleaners(leaving it on the kitchen counter for example) on your scheduled cleaning day.

It is assumed the majority of people have toilet brushes in their homes. We provide the necessary cleaning solutions but do not provide toilet brushes. If you have the disposable toilet wands, please ensure that refill brush heads are on hand so the cleaners can do their job properly.

***Please note: If for one reason or another, you prefer the cleaning staff to use only your (the homeowners) cleaning products/supplies (ie. Vacuum) our Satisfaction Guarantee will be void. We have spent years developing procedures with the supplies and equipment we use and know they are the most effective, as well as Eco-Friendly!

  • Add ons: We provide certain services in addition to our regular cleanings. To add any of these services please contact Ashley prior to your cleaning. Add ons CANNOT be done if requested the same day as your scheduled service. An additional fee will be applied for each add on. Employees of Accurate Cleaning are not permitted to climb ladders or move any heavy furniture. Additional services Accurate Cleaning provides upon request include:

*Refrigerator Clean out: $40

*Oven Clean Out: $40

*Windows (pull out only): price dependent on number/size of windows

*Additional Linen Change: $20 per bed

  1. Limitations: While we have an extensive list of things we can/do clean, there are some things that the Professional Cleaning Technician’s at Accurate Cleaning CANNOT clean, including but not limited to:

*Human /Pet urine/feces

*Animal cages

*litter boxes

*TV screens


*Black mold

*Cleaning Technicians are prohibited from moving heavy furniture/appliances to clean

*We do not wipe clean mini blinds

*Computer/tv screens are DRY DUSTED ONLY

*Carpet/Upholstery shampooing

*Laundry Services

*Disposal or hauling of construction debris

*Dishes (exceptions would be a few dishes left in the sink from time to time; if a sink full of dishes is left for the cleaning staff they will not be cleaned.)

*Diaper pails

*Organization services (While we tidy up your home during all cleaning services, our primary focus is CLEANING the home. Our staff is not trained in organization services)

  1. Safety Issues: Our Professional Cleaning Technician’s will clean anything within reach with or without the use of a step stool. Due to safety reasons our Professional Cleaning staff cannot climb ladders or move heavy furniture.

During the summer months it can get very warm. Professional Cleaning is equivalent to working out. For the safety of our staff, if the temperature outside is 78 degrees or higher, the Air Conditioning needs to be on in order for your cleaning services to be performed.

If the cleaning staff arrive to your scheduled appointment and the Air Conditioning is not on (when the outside temperature exceeds 78 degrees or it is excessively humid), your cleaning service will be cancelled for that day and you will be billed a $100 cancellation fee for the inconvenience. The staff are not permitted to put their health and safety at risk and work in those conditions.

We have had cleaning staff get physically sick after working in an excessively hot environment. We will not put the safety of our employees at risk. Thank you for understanding.

From the OSHA website:

Several heat-related illnesses can affect workers. Some of the symptoms are non-specific. This means that when a worker is performing physical labor in a warm environment, any unusual symptom can be a sign of overheating.

Most heat-related illnesses affect workers who do strenuous physical activity. When workers engage in intense work, their bodies create heat. This “metabolic” heat combines with environmental heat (from temperature, sunlight, humidity, etc.) so workers’ core temperature can rise to dangerous levels.

To prevent a hazardous combination of environmental and metabolic heat, employers should be aware of workers’ activity level. Workload can be classified as light, moderate, heavy, or very heavy.

  • Light: Sitting or standing with minimal arm and leg work.
  • Moderate: Continuous modest intensity, such as light pushing/pulling or normal walking.
  • Heavy: Intense upper body work such as carrying loads or sawing.
  • Very heavy: Intense activity at an almost maximum pace.

Heavy and very heavy work carry the highest risk of heat-related illness.

Table 1. Simplified heat exposure recommendations.

Effective WBGT (°C)  Unacclimatized workers  Acclimatized workers
Below 70°F (21°C)Low risk of heat-related illnessLow risk of heat-related illness
70 to 77°F(21 to 25°C)Strenuous work possibly unsafeLow risk of heat-related illness
Above 77°F (25°C)High risk of heat-related illness with strenuous workStrenuous work possibly unsafe

*If for any reason an employee of Accurate Cleaning feels that their personal safety is in danger enough to leave the job site, due to actions by the Client, or others at the job site. The Client will remain liable for the full cost of the job

  1. Satisfaction Guarantee: At Accurate Cleaning we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are satisfied with your cleaning please tell your friends and family! Reviews are very helpful in helping our business grow, if you loved our service please let us know by giving us a review on our Google (http://AccurateCleaningMA/Review) or Facebook pages(www.Facebook.com/ AccurateCleaning978). If you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact Ashley at

(781)960-4889 OR ashley@AccurateCleaningMA.com immediately (within 24 hours)to correct the issue. We are human and unfortunately make mistakes at times, if this is the case and you are unsatisfied, a Professional Cleaning Technician will come re-clean the area at no cost to you!

  1. Rate Changes: Accurate Cleaning reserves the right to change the estimate or agreed upon price at any time. Our prices are based upon a base pay plus the time it takes to clean your home. We value our cleaners and know that cleaning is hard work. We pride ourselves on paying our staff a living wage as well as earned rate increases and bonuses. As the cost of living increases, we may have to increase our rates slightly over time to compensate.
  1. Payment: A credit card MUST be kept on file with the company (Accurate Cleaning) when agreeing to accept services. All major credit/debit cards are accepted. You can enter your information in your secure customer portal through the CRM/payment processing site we use called Jobber. Your card will be billed on the day service is provided ONLY IF it is your preferred payment method, to collect any incurred late fees or cancellation fees.

Cash is always accepted as payment, as well as personal check for recurring clients. Personal checks can be made out to: Accurate Cleaning. **Cash or Check payments should be left in an envelope labeled ‘Accurate Cleaning’ in an obvious spot, such as the kitchen counter. PAYMENT IS DUE AT THE TIME OF SERVICE.

Sorry, first time clients or one time cleanings we cannot accept personal checks for. Once you are an ongoing client if you wish to pay with a personal check that is fine, please make checks payable to : Accurate Cleaning. If you are going away please ensure your payment is received on the scheduled date of your cleaning.

Please indicate your method of payment upon signing up for services.

* Commercial Clients: an invoice will be at the beginning of the month for that month’s cleaning to be paid upon receipt. Please make checks payable to: Accurate Cleaning

  1. Gratuity: Although not required, gratuity for your cleaning service is always appreciated! At Accurate Cleaning our staff work very hard to keep your home looking it’s best-it means a lot when their hard work gets acknowledged. Even a small thank you note or appreciation text goes a long way!

Tips always go directly to the cleaning technicians that cleaned your home. The preferred method is cash to be left out for the staff to collect, however tips added to the payment will also be given directly to the cleaning technicians!

Thank you for choosing Accurate Cleaning for all of your cleaning and sanitation needs!

Accurate Cleaning